Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit
Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit

Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit

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The Original Lash Kit™ Lash Lift is designed to give your lashes a flawless, long-lasting and natural curl. Our lifting kit will perm your eyelashes, keeping your lashes perfectly maintained without the need for a curler, mascara, or extensions. Our solutions are vegan and cruelty-free, and all orders include FREE worldwide shipping. 

Professional & naturally beautiful eyelashes from the comfort of home!

Imagine waking up to perfectly curled lashes everyday without the need to constantly maintain them. The end result of our Premium Lash Kit™ is completely equivalent to a professional eyelash lift from the beauty salon. 

Each Kit has up to 18-20 uses and each application will last up to 8 weeks!

What's In The Box (full instructions on back of box):

  • Perm Lotion: curling agent that enhances the natural curl of your lashes
  • Fixation Lotion: strengthens lashes to maintain curl for up to 3 months (lifespan of an eyelash)
  • Nutrition Lotion: revitalizes lashes to grow thicker and longer
  • Cleanser: removes any residue after the lifting process
  • False Lashes Glue: used to keep lift pads in place
  • Lift Pads: used to help perfectly shape the lash, 5 pairs in 5 different sizes
  • Clean tool: used with the cleanser to remove residue

Application Instructions:

  • Step 1: Clean your eyelashes with the #4 Cleanser to remove any impurities in the area that is going to be treated.
  • Step 2: Cover your lower eyelid if necessary.
  • Step 3: After choosing the right silicone pad, apply the False Lashes Glue on the first pad and place it onto your upper eyelid. (Tip: For a better hold, allow the glue to dry for about 60 seconds before placing the silicone pad on your eyelid.)
  • Step 4: After making sure that the silicone pad sticks to your upper eyelid, you can now apply the False Lashes Glue to the exterior of the silicone pad as well. (Tip: Again, wait for about 60 seconds for the glue to slightly dry.)
  • Step 5: Brush up your eyelashes against the silicone pad using the flat side of the Clean Tool (Y-Tool). Your eyelashes should now be "glued" to the silicone pad. (Tip: If you are having issues with the stickiness of the glue, please make sure that you do not apply too much of it.)
  • Step 6: Apply the #1 Perm Lotion to your eyelashes and wait approximately 10 minutes. (Tip: For thin, very long and sensitive eyelashes, we recommend applying the solution only from the base to the mid section of the lashes. This will prevent individual eyelashes from detaching from the lift pad.)
  • Step 7:  After removing the #1 Perm Lotion using the Clean Tool, apply the #2 Fixation Lotion to your eyelashes and wait another 10 minutes. (The same tip from Step 6 applies.)
  • Step 8: Using the #4 Cleanser and the Clean Tool, carefully clean the remains of the lifting process, and remove the lifting pads.
  • Step 9: Finally, apply the #3 Nutrition Lotion to revitalize the lashes. (You can use a cotton pad if you wish.)


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